Inside everyone’s eye is a lens that helps you focus. To work well, that lens must be clear. When the lens becomes cloudy, we call this a cataract. Lenses can become clouded for a variety of reasons, including aging, ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, injuries, disease, or family history.

Symptoms can include:

  • Clouded, blurred, or dim vision
  • Difficulty seeing in low light
  • Sensitivity to light or seeing “halos” around lights
  • Frequent changes to your glasses or contact lens prescription

Initially, the cataract may only affect a small portion of the lens and you may be unaware of any vision loss. Over time, a cataract will grow larger and more clouded, further distorting the light passing through your lens. At this point, the only way to restore your vision is to remove the cataract surgically and replace the clouded lens with a new lens implant. Cataract surgery is the most common surgical procedure performed on adults in the United States.

Medical Eye Specialists offers many cataract treatment options, from traditional and custom laser cataract surgery to a variety of premium lens implants. Each treatment plan is customized to your individual needs and desired outcomes.